Wanna get noticed by more local brides?  Wish to be a part of something much larger than your immediate area?  Larger than a printed magazine can extend?  Do you want your name associated with boutique wedding inspiration and join the rising tides of social-media?  Would your business benefit from advertising campaigns specifically targeting engaged couples in BC and Alberta?  If so, we're offering a unique opportunity to reach those newly engaged couples.
If you have not already visited, please see for a preview.  Kootenay Wedding has experienced a successful introduction with over 122,000 page-visits to the site and numerous fans on Facebook.  Because of this enthusiastic response, we have moved to a monetized system.  While still offering a complimentary listing on the site [name and email or phone] we are also giving trusted vendors the first chance to get noticed through sponsorship of Kootenay Wedding site.  Your sponsorship includes a complimentary presence on the Kootenay Wedding Facebook page for no additional charge.  There are two tiers of participation, partial and full sponsorship.  Partial includes logo and all contact information, including a direct link to your website and a ~1X2`` button advertising your business on the site for $20/mos.  Full sponsorship includes all with an upgrade from the button to a ~2.5x5" banner rotating on the site for $50/mos.   Either participation requires a 6 mos commitment and a one-time design fee of $50/button or banner design.  Slideshow and video ad's are also available.  Please contact us for further details.  And please respond, even if you wish to just add your complimentary business listing.

Your overwhelming enthusiasm and partnership with local vendors is making this an exciting venture for all!  While we have been busy with inquiries and adding complimentary listings to the site, we also wanted to update you with our immediate advertising plan and details as to how to proceed with sponsorship:

While Kootenay Wedding aims to serve the local bride, it will also be advertising within BC and Alberta.  To begin, 1) the web presence of the site [] offering regularly updated content, with special attention to our area 2) advertised on Facebook, targeting BC and Alberta, engaged couples and women from 19-35.  The frequency of advertising depends upon sponsorship.  3) It also has increased web presence with it's own Facebook page and 4) is connected to all sponsor vendor sites.  All of which, increasing its rank within Google search.

You are invited to participate in two ways, with annual or bi-annual payments.  Partial includes logo and all contact information, including a direct link to your website and a ~1X2`` button advertising, and a full-post feature of your business on the site for $20/mos.  Full sponsorship includes all with an upgrade from the button to a ~1.5x4.5" banner rotating on the site for $50/mos.   Either participation requires a 6mos commitment and a one-time design fee of $50/button or banner design.  Again, your sponsorship of Kootenay Wedding includes a complimentary presence on the KW Facebook page for no additional charge. The more you post on Facebook, the more Kootenay Wedding can share with its' readership.
We are so very thrilled to have you join us on this journey. There are plenty of additions we would love to add to the Kootenay Wedding community.  If you are ready to join the KW community and take advantage of the media blitz, please see payment information listed below for details.   Please help us get the word out and link Kootenay Wedding to your site.  See logo and link to

Let's build a dynamic Kootenay wedding community, together!

Payment Details -
partial sponsorship with hst $22.40 x 6 = $134.40
full sponsorship* with hst $ 56 x 6 = $336.00
design fee with hst $56

partial bi-annnual total $190.40
full bi-annual total $392.00

partial sponsorship with hst $22.40 x 12 = $268.80
full sponsorship* with hst $ 56 x 12 = $672.00
design fee with hst $56

partial annual total $324.80
full annual* total  $728 


  1. Hi I sent an e-mail awhile ago and I got a reply back but that e-mail my message was associated with has been diasbled for some odd reason. I am with Affordable Travel and I want to get our add posted on your website. We do destination weddings and honeymoons. The e-mail you can reach me at now is I am planning on doing the partial annual add. I hope to hear back from you soon.

  2. Thanks Renee & Affordable Travel; glad to have you on board!

  3. Hi Carmen. Sorry to put this in the comments section, but the email doesn't seem to accept my message. I've just started a horse and carriage business in Nelson and was hoping to take advantage of the complimentary listing opportunity on your website while I'm still tackling all my start-up costs. I can't seem to figure out where to enter my details on you site and was hoping for some direction when you get a chance. My email is

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  5. Hello, I cannot seem to locate a contact email or phone number on your site. Can you please contact me regarding advertising - Steve at 250-472-1417

  6. Interested in having a listing here, please contact me with specifics...