I'm Carmen, urban girl shooting and sharing wedding inspiration in the gorgeous landscape of the West Kootenays. I adore polaroids & pretties, consume quirky vid's and chocolate for breakfast. I appreciate old things & new coffeeshops and appreciate campfires & hotels equally.  Behind the lens at FRESH Photography, I aim to capture the moments in between.  And as curator of Kootenay Wedding; Custom Wedding Kootenay Style, I aim to e-spire. 
Currently based out of Rossland in the West Kootenays, I've offered Photography for fun people for 20 years.
The former English teacher in me loves to unearth and share stories, through the lens of my camera or behind the desk at Kootenay Wedding. I like to do things a bit differently, from my style - to the business of - photography and I craved something new in the Kootenay wedding community as well. Enter Kootenay Wedding.
Kootenay Wedding is E-spiration and Event Planning for, but not limited to, Kootenay weddings. As an interactive blog-style website, it is an invitation to sit down, grab a tall, non-fat something-or-other and inspire one another. Participants can submit wedding information, comment on features, and connect on Facebook and other social media outlets. Kootenay Wedding is collaborative inspiration that unites bridal couples and wedding vendors in one community. It aims to advertise and meet new markets in the world of social media and continue to play Matchmaker of wedding enthusiasts and engaged couples alike.
As such, I invite Kootenay wedding vendors and bridal couples to please join the convo and tell me your story here:
Kootenay Wedding Facebook
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Submit personal wedding sites, professional service ad proposals, pictures and recommendations to freshphoto@gmail.com.  All materials @ discretion of KW and for use on KW site.