Taghum Hall Venue, Nelson BC

New siding and balcony
image taghumhall.ca

I love finding new pretty places.  Returning from a photo-shoot in Nelson the other day,  I satisfied my curiosity by checking out Taghum Hall Road.   I've heard about the hall, but in 8 years of shooting weddings in the West Kootenays, I've never shot a wedding there.  
Now that the hall seems to have been renovated, I'm not sure why not.  It's a central enough location to both Nelson and Castlegar, it has an interesting history (read below),  it's rental page suggests its very reasonably priced and most importantly- from a photographer's standpoint - it boasts prime waterfront and mountain views  to serve as backdrop for your wedding photography.  Right there!  

What more could one want from a hall rental?
(Granted, I did not check out the interior nor capacity nor inquire about liquor licenses.  Ok, there's 3 more things you could want from your wedding venue.)

The Taghum Hall Story  - taghumhall.ca

Taghum Hall is located in Taghum, BC, 10 kilometers west of Nelson along the shores of the Kootenay River. It is operated by an independent community-based society with members and volunteers.
It all started back in the early 1950s when the local Russian Doukhobor community needed a place to meet and worship. They formed a society and obtained the present plot of land near the old Taghum bridge, on the site of a former sawmill. With lots of volunteer labour and little money, they built the hall from salvaged buildings from the Lemon Creek Japanese Internment Camp. The original building was wood-heated and had no indoor plumbing.
Over the years, the hall has served as a weekly place for Doukhobor worship, plus as a venue for weddings, funerals, meetings, voting, dinners, and dances for both the Russian community and the community at large. The strong volunteer base has kept the hall as a vital part of the community.
Improvements were made gradually on shoestring budgets over time. The hardwood floor was salvaged from the fire-damaged Trafalgar Junior High in 1967. Indoor washrooms and an expanded kitchen were added as a BC Centennial Project in 1971. The wood furnace was replaced by a propane heater.
By 2010, the hall was in need of an upgrade, but community members expressed a strong desire to keep the hall community-owned. The society worked on obtaining funding from many sources such as the Federal Gas Tax/Community Works Funding, Columbia Basin Trust and the Regional District of Central Kootenay. In the summer of 2014 renovations finally began. The building was brought up to modern structural standards, with a new accessible entry and washrooms, new windows, and a deck built to overlook the river. New energy efficient heating, insulation, and lighting were added.
The hall now starts another chapter of its life with modern standards, but with the same community spirit that has kept the hall going. Many people in the region have fond memories of events that have taken place in Taghum Hall over the years. We hope to continue that tradition.


  1. Liquor license can be required like like most venues for this hall.
    Bartender a wedding for 200 guests this summer there. All new reno except older kitchen. Very cute and beautiful scenery.

  2. The manager was prompt to respond to any question I had, patient with all my bridal anxiety, and most importantly, the entire wedding was managed flawlessly (as was our rehearsal). The food at wedding venues NYC was amazing, and the venue was gorgeous.

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  4. Beautiful wedding! I like the outfit that you chose for yourself and your husband on this solemn day