What Wedding Sites Ignore

Weddings cost money.  
And Pinterest Weddings - that is to say, fanciful weddings inspired by the finest celebrations across the globe - cost more money than most of us have.   What Pinterest boards neglects to communicate and what wedding sites like to ignore, are the costs associated with such extravagance. 

To help cover the costs of the big day, research from one Canadian financial 
institution found 38% of Canadians are comfortable taking on debt to afford 
their wedding and honeymoon*.  

How do you feel about going into debt for your wedding?  Are you working with a budget? Share your cost-saving measures in the comments or on the Kootenay Wedding Facebook page.

Public or Private Proposal?

A beautiful example of a custom proposal!  
from "how he asked"

What would be your preference for proposals: private or public?  Any why?  

While my husband proposed privately, I can see the absolute thrill in having all of ones' loved ones sharing the experience.  As long as 1) she is sure to say yes 2) she is not ashamed others' will see her ugly-cry!