valentines wedding

Shanna Murray inspired cake
a locket for each bridesmaid with reason why they're loved.
Weddings tend to be romantic, yes, but Valentine's day weddings and engagements call for a little extra in the romance department.  Like a) "We are so good together" cake, b) bridesmaid lockets with individual reasons why they are loved c) red and pink DIY aisle runners d) love letter cookies.
DIY aisle runners to line the side of the aisle.... customize colors, cute and easy clean upLove Letter Cookies - Combine the romance of a love letter with the sweetness of a cookie. #bakingwithlove
What good ideas have you found lately?  Find these and other ideas on Kootenay Wedding's Pinterest page also including Hugs & Kisses DIY "Gumball machine" and custom Heart Elbow patches for you and yours.


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