Trillium Soaps & Candles; Gifts and Favor Ideas

Trillium Soaps and Candles, formerly of Nelson, BC, has launched a newly re-designed website.   While it's physical location has moved to Vancouver Island, it maintains many Kootenay connections. The photography and set design is from FRESH Photography, of Rossland and the Goats' Milk products boast Winlaw lavender.
The luxurious products make perfect gifts for bridal showers and wedding favors.  See their story below.
Trillium Soaps and Candles
Hand Made on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  We take pride in using local products and real ingredients.  Yes, we use real Apricots.  
We have the fortunate opportunity to have our Lavender come from a beautiful farm in the West Kootenays, in a charming village called Winlaw. Even our Lavender comes from a place of Love.
Our products are paraben, parafin and sulfate free. Our products are animal friendly and not tested on animals.  We are animal lovers, dog owners and supporters of W.A.G.S and the BCSPCA.   
Everything is infused with real ingredients and botanicals. Each and every candle is poured by hand. Every soap bar is delicately cut to ensure that you enjoy an ultimate Trillium experience.  
We have worked seamlessly to provide a beautiful product that is both ethical and luxurious for you.  All of our scents are selected from the highest of quality.    

5 Ways to Look Great in Photos; From a Wedding Photographer

How do those women that always look great in photos, well, look great in photos?  There are 5 simple tips to guide you on your next photo-shoot, whether that be for your own owedding, someone else's or just selfies for your next Facebook profile.  Each body posture should be executed with subtley to avoid an overly posed look, unless otherwise directed by your (professional) photographer.
Picture a turtle craning his neck away out of its shell.  This provides seperation from the neck and a more defined jaw line. The next part could go either way.  Some experts say chin down slightly, others suggest up. It all depends upon the desired end result.  Chin down suggests vulnerability while chin up suggests strength and power.   Both choices, however, come with disclaimers.  If you look down, avoid furrowing your brow.  If you look up, avoid overdoing it.  Either way, tilt your chin slightly so that it is more in the direction of your front shoulder, angling the other shoulder back.

If it Bends
If it bends, bend it!  Knees, elbows, wrists, you get the picture.  A general suggestion is to create an 'S' curve with the lines of your body, using shoulders, hips and knees as reference points.  Put your weight on your back leg with knee slightly bent.

Yes breathe.  Like during exercise, you might be tempted to hold your breath as you concentrate.  This will only make you appear as if you are, indeed, holding your breath.  Or exercising.  Or in pain.  If these are not the look you're after, consider breathing through your mouth, seperating your lips slightly.

Don't always smile with your lips.  Smiling with your eyes is an effective approach to achieving that non-smiling but still pleasant look, especially if have a grouchy face "at rest" as I do.
If you don't know where to look other than straight into the camera, consider these 3 options: the light, each other, down your body line. 1) Looking towards the light creates a lively catchlight in the eyes.  Of course you don't want to be squinting into direct sunlight, but window light is a good idea should you be indoors. 2) Looking at each other, whether that be just one more subject or a family, creates an intimacy and sometimes laughter.  Both can make for great images. 3) I sometimes direct women to "sniff your shoulder" as a referance for looking down the body line.

These suggestions take some practice, which is a good idea to execute pre-shoot in front of a mirror. Putting your faith in a photographer - and her ability to direct - is just one of the reasons why hiring a professional is worth the investment.   Many people claim not to like having their picture taken.  What I have discovered after 18 years in the wedding photography business, however, is that they most likely don't appreciate being photographed badly. And who does?

Tips and photography courtesy Carmen Adams of FRESH Photography and curator of Kootenay Wedding. See the Kootenay Wedding Pinterest board for more inspiration and interact with us on the Kootenay Wedding Facebook page.

1-day Pinterest Wedding; Hmmm, P-interesting

How would you feel if your significant other proposed and planned your Pinterest destination wedding for the same day?  Groom Ryan Leak did just that, based on bride-to-be Amanda Roman's Pinterest boards.  She had over 200 images of inspiration upon which to base her Dream Wedding, as entitled on the site.  See her actual wedding on the Kootenay Wedding Pinterest board HERE.

If nothing else, it makes me want to clean up my boards.  

West Kootenay Wedding - Buy Sell or Trade; Kootenay Wedding

The "West Kootenay Wedding- Buy Sell or Trade" group is a private FB "Craigslist" of wedding items - not affiliated with Kootenay Wedding - for sale and information pertaining to local weddings.  There is everything from wedding decor, rings, gowns and car flags to bachelorette party ideas and pertinent information.  Note that one has to ask to be added to the group and, as per usual, buyer beware.  I think it's a win-win.  It's both an environmentally and fiscally intelligent idea to reduce, reuse and recycle as well as all the perks of buying local!
Feel free to share your experiences with the group on Kootenay Wedding's Facebook page HERE.

What Wedding Sites Ignore

Weddings cost money.  
And Pinterest Weddings - that is to say, fanciful weddings inspired by the finest celebrations across the globe - cost more money than most of us have.   What Pinterest boards neglects to communicate and what wedding sites like to ignore, are the costs associated with such extravagance. 

To help cover the costs of the big day, research from one Canadian financial 
institution found 38% of Canadians are comfortable taking on debt to afford 
their wedding and honeymoon*.  

How do you feel about going into debt for your wedding?  Are you working with a budget? Share your cost-saving measures in the comments or on the Kootenay Wedding Facebook page.

Public or Private Proposal?

A beautiful example of a custom proposal!  
from "how he asked"

What would be your preference for proposals: private or public?  Any why?  

While my husband proposed privately, I can see the absolute thrill in having all of ones' loved ones sharing the experience.  As long as 1) she is sure to say yes 2) she is not ashamed others' will see her ugly-cry!

DIY - Custom Buttons

Who doesn't love a bowl full of buttons?  
Vintage floral buttons.  Geek chic buttons.  Woodland creature buttons.  Pretty much any theme could be turned into button material.  Literally.
When I bought the Sukie; Button Factory kit at Phat Angel, Nelson, I was thinking of a family craft.  Except seeing the whimsical designs, the delight of us all (mom, daughter and son) and the ease with which we crafted perfect little buttons, made me think that anyone could enjoy customizing these creations.
They are the perfect wedding shower DIY, just crafting something fun together or even using them as wedding accessories!  They can be attached to lapels, floral bouquets, ribboned presents, fabric napkins or placed in a bowl for fun favors. 
The Sukie kit contained 1" fabric circles, button tops, pin bottoms and pressing tools.  While the kit helped ensure our first experience was fool-proof, the pieces can be found independently at fabric and craft stores.  

fabric scissors
fabric with small design | print | words - see button size for reference, allow room for wrapping
button re-covering kit including:

> button tops
> button-pin bottoms
> pressing tools for top & bottom

Step 1 - Cut fabric into circular shape - see button size for referrence - we used 1"
Step 2 - Insert fabric, face down into pressing tool, being careful to center design
Step 3 - Place button top into the pressing tool and on top of fabric
Step 4 - Wrap excess fabric around button top
Step 5 - Place pin bottom, pin facing up, into the pressing tool and on top of wrapped button top
Step 6 - Use tool to firmly press the bottom piece into the button top, being careful to press all sides
Step 7 - Remove button from tool & marvel 

First Look's: yay or nay?

I was reading about First Looks HERE and thought I would post a Kootenay version.  For starters, first-looks are when the couple opts to see each other before the ceremony.  This may involve photography and a gift-exchange but they do not typically involve other parties.  It is meant to be an intimate meeting of the bride and groom.
Taryn and Nolan, who were married at Blaylock's Mansion last summer, choose a sexy and playful exchange for their meeting.  It involved a gray silk tie, a little blue box and a sexy black book.  They choose to have their photographers document their interactions.  The result are natural, joyful, stress-free images of the couple focussing on each other.  
A first-look can be a meaningful way to start the wedding day and set the tone of the event.  It also serves as some of the couple's portrait time.  For that reason, first-looks favor a couple that wishes to reduce the wait-time between ceremony and reception.  They are not for the bride who has dreamt of her groom's face at the alter for her entire childhood.  
Another drawback to the first-look is time.  Tightly scheduled first-looks require everyone be on-time, especially the bride.   If the bride is quite late for her first-look, stressing their allotted time, most of the benefits are then lost.  
Which sight would you choose for your first-look?  An intimate gather at the site of your choosing or at the end of the aisle surrounded by your family and friends?

Backdrop Envy

amaze-balls backyard wedding ceremony ideascool ceremony book backdrop!ribbon treeWedding door frame
These amaze-balls backdrops satiate both the photographer and former Lit teacher in me.  Creating a unique backdrop for your vows helps draw a focal point, beautify a space that will be well photo-documented, and serves as another opportunity to personalize your wedding.  
Even the most lovely venue could benefit from a barnwood wall, book backdrop, tree of life or flower-door arbor as pinned HERE.  Join Kootenay Wedding on Pinterest and share what I've missed on our Facebook page HERE.

Baby Velvet Suits; Jilly Bo Billy Closing Out Sale

If you are searching for just the right outfit for your miniature ring-bearer or micro wedding guest, Jilly Bo Billy, of Herridge Lane Nelson, has navy velvet suits on sale.  Sizes 3mos - 4T are available. The store is returning to it's online roots.  Get bargains on pint-sized, unique clothing while you can!

valentines wedding

Shanna Murray inspired cake
a locket for each bridesmaid with reason why they're loved.
Weddings tend to be romantic, yes, but Valentine's day weddings and engagements call for a little extra in the romance department.  Like a) "We are so good together" cake, b) bridesmaid lockets with individual reasons why they are loved c) red and pink DIY aisle runners d) love letter cookies.
DIY aisle runners to line the side of the aisle.... customize colors, cute and easy clean upLove Letter Cookies - Combine the romance of a love letter with the sweetness of a cookie. #bakingwithlove
What good ideas have you found lately?  Find these and other ideas on Kootenay Wedding's Pinterest page also including Hugs & Kisses DIY "Gumball machine" and custom Heart Elbow patches for you and yours.

Swish; Nelson Bridal Fair

Visit Kootenay Wedding sponsors Lisa Frisk Esthetics and Aria - Art of Hair at:

SWISH 2013
February 16th, 10 am - 4:30 pm
Hume Hotel 

Swish suggests: Visit our Holistic Spa to experience a new and modern array of stress relief and beauty treatments firsthand. Spend time in our Maiden's Menagerie, shopping for sparkly things while the boys play some pool in our Men's Den. Enjoy refreshments and lounge about while you take in the year's tips and trends in an assortment of workshops and presentations designed to make planning your day a joy! Meet and discuss ideas with planners, photographers, cake artists and florists. Make planning your wedding an experience in itself and plan to spend some time just being a pampered bride!

Without a doubt, the 'Piece de Resistance' of this day will be fashion shows showcasing the 2013 collection of Pure Magnolia. This celebrated Vancouver designer has been featured in multiple media spreads including WedLuxe magazine! Not only will her couture gowns be the highlight of the event, but Patricia Nayel herself will be accompanying her collection and visiting with brides. She will take appointments to meet with brides who want to take care of their initial booking IN Nelson! Rather than battling the snow to go to Vancouver to find your gown, brides can simply have the process started with this event.

We are SO looking forward to helping you dream big and then turn those dreams into a reality. Visit Tapestri's inaugural Bridal Event and up the SWISH factor of YOUR big day.

Tickets $10 & $20 (VIP)
first 50 tickets sold receive a gift bag worth over $50
Tickets can be purchased online here:
in Nelson at
Esprit de la Femme (4-502 Baker St. at Ward Street)
Starbird Bakehouse and Boutique (464 Baker Street)

St Eugene's Resort Bridal Fair

Kootenay Wedding loves the St Eugene's Resort!  Unfortunately you won't see us there this year - last year we shared space with FRESH Photography -  but please share your experience with us!