DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins by Kootenay Wedding

Whether you're considering pumpkins for fall decor at a wedding or a private tables-cape or tucked away little doorstep, chalkboard pumpkins - by Kootenay Wedding - provide a versatile and fun option.  They are traditional - yet unexpected -  interactive and festive.  And if you`re anything like me, you prefer your hands dirtied with paint rather than pumpkin guts.  Who can cut perfect lines in a pumpkin anyway?
Begin with your selection of pumpkins.  I love those little pumpkins but you could opt for large or even plastic pumpkins for a more permanent and non-perishable option.
Select a chalkboard paint, preferably the spray variety. Or, if you are super-keen, make your own custom color following the tutorial HERE.  Coat the surface with even layers, drying between applications.
And voila!  Enjoy the fruits - yes, pumpkin is a fruit people, not a veggie - of your labor!  Display with chalk for guests to customize their own creations.
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