Floral Workshop; Bellaflora Nelson

I have something different to share but entirely related to the world of weddings.  Without sporting a green-thumb or even claiming to be a garden-enthusiast, I attended Nelson's Bellaflora String Garden workshop the last week of August.  I love what Kyla has done with the Herridge Lane space and knew I could linger there for the evening, complete with good company and great skill-building.
It's such a great space with natural light streaming in the massive skylights, industrial beams juxtaposed with feminine florals.  Natural wood floors and abundant pretty details to swoon over and for purchase.  Kyla was such a gracious host, providing wine and tapas and letting us workshop-attendees try our skills out multiple times.
Jessica, our fearless leader, patiently demonstrated the macrame knot that starts off the project.  Don't ask me, I still I have no idea how she does it.  But I'm completely competent with the rest of the knots that hold the moss-ball.  We were using waxed hemp string, available HERE or cotton thread.
Even with costly orchids available for use, most of us chose trendy succulents to craft our first String Garden. Like the String Garden themselves, succulents are a little off-beat and growing in popularity.  Besides the orchids and succulents, however, you can use mums, ferns and other small - preferably shade-loving - varieties.
What fun a workshop would be for a bridal shower!  Imagine, you could have your wedding party craft your own garden decor, tailored to any season, including holly for a winter wedding.  An especially Kootenay idea is to take the girls on a hike for your own moss-beds!  The pretty little String Garden would  be an adorable demarcation for the ceremony space and easily transferred to the reception.  For more information on workshops, contact Kyla at Bellaflora.  Also see a String Garden DIY from Design Sponge HERE.  And let me know if this kind of post was something you'd like to see more often on Kootenay Wedding.
Photography - FRESH Photography


  1. you guys look great, and you look good too, ladies.

  2. Yes, we would LOVE to see more posts like this here :) We used Jessica's string gardens in our engagement shoot (and the wedding, but because of a certain thundering and lighteningy weather issue, they weren't photographed for the wedding bit) back in July. They were FULL of strawberries for guests to pick in the food area! How much fun is that?!

  3. Loved the pictures of the space at BellaFlora, looks like a fun time.

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