8th Annual TP Wedding Dress Contest!

Eighth Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest Winners 
from Cheap-Chic-Wedding.com  

(Boca Raton, FL) Cheap-Chic-Weddings.com announced the winner of their Eighth Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress contest today. Toilet paper dress entries were received and final judging took place today in New York City, NY.

Grand Prize winner Susan Brennan is a 26-year-old aspiring artist and designer from Orchard Lake, MI. She enjoys art, fashion and the outdoors. Susan is also a member of the Detroit Pistons Cheer Team and takes home the $2012 grand prize!
Susan calls her dress Bohemian Cupcake- the top portion, including the headpiece has a free-spirited vibe and the bottom looks like delicious frosting! It’s relaxed yet sophisticated and flirty, the cut out details make it modern. She wanted the dress to have a balance of texture and lots of detail!

CONGRATULATION SUSAN!!! Susan takes home Top Prize and $2012.00 for her beautiful toilet paper gown creation. Susan used 10 rolls of Charmin with hot glue, packing tape and needle and thread. Susan is a two-time contestant and the 2011 Grand Prize winner!

This year’s second place winner is Katrina Chalifoux, a 50 year-old Electronics Technician and Certified Mechanic from Knoxville, TN. Katrina loves to make costumes and her main inspiration for this gown was a lily, and the challenge of creating a garden of flowers on the gown. Katrina used 28 double rolls of Charmin with medical tape, glue and needle and thread. Katrina is a three-time contestant and the 2008 Grand Prize winner! She receives a $1000 prize for her costume.
This year’s third place winner is Jennifer Henry, a 31 year-old alternative material

designer and stylist from Las Vegas, NV. She has made over 70 different designs out of all sorts of unconventional materials but this is her first made out of Charmin! Her alternative design line is called Flockflockflock. Jennifer's dress was inspired by the velvety texture of Charmin tissue and those oh so sweet ribbons of whipped cream from the can! She used 36 rolls of Charmin, packing tape and double stick tape only. This is Jennifer's first year entering the contest. She receives a $500 prize for her submittal.
Laura Gawne and partners Susan Bain and Roxie Radford, who operate the website on saving money on weddings, base the contest on the popular bridal shower game. Cheap-Chic-Weddings.com asked their readers to create wedding gowns using toilet paper, tape and/or glue. Entrants were allowed to sew as well.

“The top dresses this year showed incredible attention to detail.” Said Laura Gawne. Roxie Radford added, “We are always amazed at the level of talent of the contestants!”

The Eighth Annual Cheap Chic Weddings “Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest” was sponsored by Charmin and Life In Mobile, Inc. The winners were announced at a special event hosted by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square Odditorium on June 27, 2012.

Dresses were judged on Creativity, Originality, Beauty and the use of Toilet Paper.

Style Me Gorgeous

I don't know what more inspiration Kootenay Wedding could offer than this, Style Me Pretty's gorgeous e-magazine!  And while you're here, please let me know what you think of the new KW logo and colors.  If you're keen, please share our button with a quick right-click | copy & paste | or share our link | Facebook page | Pinterest board with the wedding-enthusiasts in your life.  And as always, thanks for your over-whelming support!

Sweet Dreams Heritage Inn and Cakery; Meet Becky

Built in 1896, the historical Banker’s House in Rossland, B.C. has been many things in its storied past. 
Today it is home to Sweet Dreams Heritage Inn and Cakery. Two unique businesses with more than one thing in common.
Rossland's Sweet Dreams Heritage Inn and Cakeryhas served as venue, wedding prep area, couple and | or guest accommodations and cake artist for local weddings.  Meet Becky, proprietor, gracious host and our beloved "Cupcake Lady."
Film by LumaLab Films
Note from Becky:
I am booked for cakes until the 24th of July and much of August as well. 
Summer is busy with wedding season in full swing and the Rossland Market. I am also going to try to get outside a bit this year while the weather is nice and enjoy a bit of our short summer season!
There will be lots of cupcakes at the market and you can always pre-order to make sure you get some! Thank you for all of your continued support of my little business. I am so lucky! :)

Weduary; Make Your Wedding More Social

we're all about helping you create a one of a kind wedding experience online.

Weduary, a new wedding app, starts the party before the party.  It boasts that clients can create social and beautiful wedding websites in minutes. Weduary claims: "While we pride ourselves on the ease of creating a good looking wedding website (complete with plenty of customization options), we truly differentiate from other "wedding website creators" by providing a way for your guests to meet and connect with each other before the event. After all, aren't your guests one of the most important parts of your day?"

Kootenay Wedding would love to hear testimonials. Want to give it a try and let us know?

"Your Song"

The following post is from Jamie, of The Excited Bride HERE
 As I’m trying to figure out what the right fit is for our first dance, I thought that I might not be the only person struggling through this. So, I decided to compile five songs – in different genres, of course! – that could all make for your perfect dance. From country to indie, rock to pop, there’s a little something for everyone.
Song #1: “The Lucky Ones” by Radney Foster
“Baby, the lucky ones
For a moment or two
Get to fall in love with somebody like you.”
Song #2: “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” by Neutral Milk Hotel
“But for now, we are young
Let us lay in the sun
and count every beautiful thing we can see.”
Song #3: “Fire & Dynamite” by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors
“You are a novel in a sea of magazines,
You make me nervous; you make my heart beat.
You  are red in a sea of black and white;
You are a fire. You are dynamite.”
Song #4: “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson
“‘Cause I love you more
Than I could ever promise
And you take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am.”
Song #5: “Anyone Else” by Collin Raye
“Baby, I bought wine and roses on my way home
Yeah I know we can’t afford it but life doesn’t last too long
This world has gone half-crazy
And knocked us both to our knees
I’m fumbling for the words to try to tell ya
I love you for hangin’ onto me.”
Bonus Song!
Song #6: “I Love How You Love Me” by Beth Orton
“I love how your heart beats whenever I hold you
I love how you think of me without being told to
I love the way your touch is always heavenly
But, darling, most of all I love how you love me.”
What songs are you thinking about for your own wedding – or, if you’re already married, what song did you choose?