A Personal, Practical Wedding

Thanks for following my workshop series Moving Beyond the Monogram; How to Personalize Your Wedding.   I will continue to post endless ideas and inspiration on the KW Pinterest board HERE.  To finish, Meg, from A Practical Wedding offers her top 3 tips for planning a personal wedding:

 A family friend surprised Chad & Nicola with a personalized wood pile at their outdoor ceremony -  FRESH Photography

  • Spend your money to support your values. You might not have a wedding budget amount of cash again for a long time, so support businesses and values that really matter to you. Trust me, it will make a world of difference to those artists and business owners.
  • Make it yours, and then let it go. You probably want to make your wedding look and feel like who you both are. But once you’ve achieved that on a basic level, stop stressing. Trust me when I say that no one is going to remember your escort cards and table numbers anyway.
  • Spend your money on things you care about, and cut the rest. I remember the potluck wedding with the 1940s-style big band as “the one with the happy couple and the amazing dancing.” I don’t remember what I ate, because it didn’t matter.
And write this  on your fridge or hand [or both!]:
 “I will not remember what my wedding looked like. I will remember how it felt.” 

[inspired by the quote by unknown source: "People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel."]
Because at the end of the day, even really cool stuff is just that: stuff.  It’s the love you share, the people who hold you up, and those precious moments of bliss and joy that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.  And none of that is for sale.
For more wedding advice, visit Meg’s blog or check out A Practical Wedding.  This exerpt found on Etsy HERE.

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