Moving Beyond the Monogram - V Food | Drink

Moving Beyond the Monogram; How to Personalize Your Wedding V - Food | Drink

Thrill your grandparents by adding a touch of your personal heritage with some traditional food
. Whatever your background is, there are delicious items that you can incorporate into your menu.  If you are looking to reflect you as a couple more directly,  you can think of your personal faves:
Signature cocktail 
Burger bar - Crepe bar - Coffee bar - trail-mix bar
Food truck

Instead of rounding up the usual catering suspects, call on your favorite restaurant and see if they can provide the wedding goodies. And it doesn't have to be a dinner. An early wedding brunch after a sunrise ceremony or an intimate supper following a late afternoon wedding are more glamourous than the usual reception.

My sister-in-law served her guests on mis-matched china, gathered from her extended family.  In the case of her wedding, just lifting a tea-cup became a personal gesture.
And, of course, there’s always the monogram to personalize your wedding.  I’m by no meaning anti-monogram.  The cake topper, the invite.  Monograms are classic.  But how about modernizing it by carving your monogram into birchbark for d├ęcor or creating a moss-monogram to adorn your ceremony site?

As not only a curator of wedding ideas but a photographer of them as well, I find the ways couples personalize their day make for the best photo-memories for the couple to take away & adorn their albums.  You may spend a great deal of time obsessing over the details, they should certainly make a statement about who you are. 

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