Moving Beyond the Monogram - IV the Details

Moving Beyond the Monogram; How to Personalize Your Wedding -IV with Details
The following a few simple ideas to help execute your personalized wedding with details, decor and favors:
Lockets of special loved ones - passed or unable to attend - attached to bouquet
- Rings - cut into or a ribbon around - your favourite book
- Vintage wooden skis to sign as the register
- Make a family tree for outdoor spaces by hanging framed family photos on a prominent tree
Build a ceremony set:
- Extra points awarded to Jon who carved this timber for his mountain-top proposal to Kate and then turned it into an archway for their ceremony vows. 
- Your grandmother’s furniture: think signing table
- Bring the inside of the chapel outdoors with pews and arched windows to define a ceremony space.

For favors offer:
- Home-made chocolate-chip cookies in hand-stamped flour-sack sachets
- Centerpieces ie: herb collections or flavored olive- oils for culinary theme

Of course personalizing doesn’t have to end with the couple, you can invite your party to help personalize their take on:
Groomsmen Рsuperhero boutonnières or patterned socks or Converse shoes
Bridesmaids – their favorite shade of the bride’s choice of color or print.  See HERE for patterned dress post and HERE for Kootenay Wedding on Pinterest.

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  1. This is a very beautiful and refreshing Long Island wedding venues. It's so unique and has homey feel. My sister is getting married next year and I think she'll like the ideas you mentioned in this post.