Moving Beyond the Monogram - II

Moving Beyond the Monogram; How to Personalize Your Wedding

2- Tone begins with invites. 
Wedding Chicks custom invites
Don't limit yourself to the conservative engraved monogram.  Get inspired by a list of creative invites: 
- folded -- origami style -- into a crane?
- your hand-writing, in a font
- fall in love while on vacation? How about printing the invitation on postcards from the site of your meeting?
- theatre ticket stub for you theatre aficionados
- a cinematic Save the Date? What is cooler than your love story as a movie?  ‘Green’ points for delivering it online.
Kelli Murray illustration
- your face.  on a stamp – to later use for décor or favors
- incorporate maps from where your families originated

If  you’re interested in a process of self-discovery, to help discover a meaningful THEME, it often helps to recall the things you were interested in as a child.  Just like the search for our most flattering hair-color or rediscovering hobbies after a long absence, looking back into childhood can offer valuable clues.  How did you spend your free-time?  
Did you draw on any scrap of paper you found? or wander in the woods for hours? or perform plays for your neighbourhood friends?  Any clue from your childhood can potentially help you, for instance incorporate DIY, hand-drawn elements into your design, or choose an outdoor ceremony space, or a theatre for your venue.  If the theme isn’t coming naturally, however, it may not be the route for you.
That doesn’t mean you give up on a personalized wedding.  See more of Moving Beyond the Monogram tomorrow.

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