Moving Beyond Monogram; How to Personalize Your Wedding

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The business of weddings has absolutely exploded with the rise of the personal wedding.  We see the sites, the blogs, the magazine editorials:  styled shoots, cleverly executed themes and details details details.  Just how many things can we do with a mason jar?  The visuals that we’re inundated with serve to remind us it’s preferred to start with the end in mind.

While your choice of venue, dress and wedding color palette sets the tone and speak volumes about you, like, whether you prefer: silver & coral | navy & ivory | sherbet &  linen,  I’ll suggest  5 less obvious ideas to take ownership of the sometimes-monster that weddings can become, to ensure that it truly remains ‘your day’.  Because it starts out that way for us, right?  We have visions of a field or beach or mountain-scape, especially living in the picturesque Kootenays.  But these ideas don’t always translate or follow-through to the day.

I’ve worked with brides that wanted her beach wedding at Christina Lake and ended up with a community center.  Just how can you keep your vision alive?
I know that when I was getting married, we – especially as young people - quickly got swallowed up by others’ vested interests, the magnitude of the planning and the conventions and traditions of our families.   And we ended up losing ourselves. But – then again - when I was getting married, we didn’t have PINTEREST!  Pinterest is a bride’s best friend.  You can ‘pin’ items - on the computer as one might pin to a bulletin board - to virtual inspiration boards.  Viewing your ideas all together helps hone your style and then share your inspiration with friends, family or whoever is the on your wedding planning team.   There are wedding-specific pinners that share favourite, original ideas such as the Kootenay Wedding board.  Follow the link HERE.  The following ideas are a sampling of what you can find on the KW Pinterest board. 

-- Consider THEME to tie it together
Creatively incorporate your personalities & passions into your special day:
Potential ThemeIdeas to Consider
Love Birds – bridesmaids’ bouquets inside antique birdcages, love-bird cake-topper
Green or nature-lovers – plant a tree together, offer a trail-mix bar or give away seeds as favors
Music lovers – sheet music paper flowers, bunting banners, vinyl record guest signing registry
Cooking – herb centerpieces that double as wedding favors, engraved wooden spoon favors
Vintage – collection of tins for flower vase centerpieces, vintage hankies tied around bouquets

Get inspired by movies you adore:
Water for Elephants - Carnival – red & white canvas, cotton candy favors
The Vow – get married in a museum

Whichever theme you choose, the idea is to execute enough plans to make it recognizable without being cliché.  You don’t have to be a Creative to personalize your wedding.  Ask friends to help in both describing you as a couple and then helping you implement your plans.  For example,  how do friends describe you?  What types of things do you like to do together as a couple?  with friends? on a Saturday morning?  Enlist the help of loved ones from the planning stages onward.  They can assist you with your goals of a personalized wedding.

See tomorrow's post II of V for more, Moving Beyond the Monogram.  Lovely to meet new faces, connect with fellow wedding vendors and see | hear | taste the pretties that were available at the Showcase.  Wonderful hosting | planning Prestige Lakeside!  Visit the Facebook page, comment and engage in the ongoing Kootenay Wedding dialogue.

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