Bouquet Alternatives

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Looking for an alternative to traditional floral bouquets?  You're not alone.  See our sampling of options found on the KW Pinterest board HERE from foliage-to-fans, paper-to-pinecones, butterflies-to-pinwheels-to-lollipops, buttons-to-brooches and feathers-to-succulents, there are plenty of options to customize.  If you're planning Christmas nuptials, consider a colorful or metallic bauble bouquet.  
Which bouquet alternative is your favorite?  I love the texture of the pinecones but I adore the muted tones of the succulents and berry bouquets.  Love!

I opted to not carry a bouquet; put something, anything, in my hands and watch me awkwardly bend, fold and fondle it into oblivion. Plus, for some strange reason, I didn't feel like spending a load of money for flowers that I was just going throw away at the end of the day. But if I wasn't so fidgety I would have definitely been one of those brides that opted for a bouquet alternative to flowers. 
- Offbeat Bride HERE


  1. Love this website!!!! i have been making some different decisions to make my wedding more original & i have gotten so much negative feed back! it is nice to know there is someone who understands my eye for the unusual :)

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