Kootenay Wedding; Pumped up Kicks!

While we have seen the "I Do" gem-stickers adhered to soles, Deborah Thomson may have come up with one of the most original ideas Kootenay Wedding has ever seen.  Some seriously Pumped up Kicks! 
In the designer's own words:
I was sitting in Starbucks one random day in May, taking advantage of their fast internet over a Chai latte (keep that in mind, should any of you feel the need to bribe me with beverages in the future), when I got a phone call from Arica. Over the next few minutes, she would fill me in on a completely wild and incredibly FUN idea she had for her wedding… which was in two weeks!
She wanted custom hand-painted shoes to wear for her wedding featuring meaningful items and events from her and Josh’s relationship. The place they got engaged, a caricature of themselves and their dog, coffee cups, vintage cameras and motorcycles, etc.
Had I painted shoes before? Ever? No. But what a fun idea!
Now, before I go further, you have to realize how incredibly trusting and cool Arica is… I had never actually met her in person, though we were acquaintances on Facebook, due to mutual friends and our mutual love for photography. (... So to ME, this was practically a phone call from a local celebrity. And here she was entrusting this huge job to ME! (Having photographed many, many weddings myself, I KNOW how important those shoes can be!!)
Because of scheduling conflicts (I was super busy, she was super busy, I was never home, she was planning a wedding in another country, etc, etc), the shoes were dropped off at my house, and I never did meet her until I delivered the finished product to her the day before she left to get married in Tennessee! Talk about crazy. But the BEST kind of crazy!!
Arica, I can’t begin to thank you enough for starting me on this journey! I fell in love with painting shoes when I worked on yours, and am SO excited to see what other designs will emerge in the future! One of these days, I have to plan time to sit and paint my own! 
 - Deborah Thomson, shoe-artist
Find Figgie HERE!

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