Kootenay Wedding; beautifully different

Tim and Amy // A Wedding in Reverse from V E L A R E on Vimeo.

Beautifully different wedding cinematography.  
"Let us take a moment.  There has been a great deal of preparation for this.  And it will be over in a few minutes.  But your life together is just beginning."   - paraphrased, officiant
I think I would like to know these people.   Are you having a wedding cinematographer?                          

Kootenay Wedding; Buy Local

Kootenay Wedding's Top 10 Benefits of Buying Local:

Monies spent in community stay in community
Better variety, as good business entices new business
Convenience equals savings in transportation costs at both ends: production and delivery
Consistant with green, eco-friendly lifestyle and sustainable living
Encourage local flavor, build character of place
Networking with friends and potential friends
Community health and well-being

A few ways to shop local is to visit your summer Farmer's Markets, [We adore the idea of a Farmer's Market inspired Wedding] peruse Craigslist for your area, and via Etsy.  The online handmade collective, can be searched location-specific HERE.  And of course, continue to share and visit Kootenay Wedding online and on Facebook!

image FRESH Photography

Kootenay Wedding; Carmen West Creative

Carmen West Creative from Langley, BC brings you unique handmade jewelry and headbands made from new and vintage materials.  View her Etsy bridal line HERE and view the rest of her line to accessorize your lady friends! 
Doilie love lives on!

Kootenay Wedding; Little Borrowed Dress; Ingenius Plan to Appease

Little Borrowed Dress; The Story of One Ingenius Plan to Appease Pocketbooks, Style-Mavens, and Coveted Closet Space.  From little miss LBD herself:
Rather than deciding what to wear, I had the less glamorous task of choosing what not to wear—specifically what to toss, and the four main offenders were bridesmaid dresses. I'm lucky to have stylish friends who selected dresses with the bridal party in mind, yet the dresses hadn't seen the light of day since each wedding.
I found myself asking: what do I do with dresses that cost a pretty penny and now take up valuable closet space?
That's when it hit me like a bolt of silk organza! Groomsmen rent their wedding day attire—why don't bridesmaids have the same option?
I decided to focus my attention on the wedding industry with the aim of making it easier and more fun for brides to plan a stylish yet sensible wedding. Armed with years of experience as a management consultant (specifically advising businesses on how to launch new products or enter new markets) and a recently obtained MBA from London Business School, I was confident I had the tools to turn this idea into a reality.
And that was the beginning of Little Borrowed Dress.

Kootenay Wedding; Awesome Proposal

Making the movies jealous with this one!  Here is a proposal done right.