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To My Future Spouse is a site dedicated to the writing of poignant little love notes to our future better halves.

Each entry is anonymous and begins with "To My Future Wife:" or "To My Future Husband:" and can cover any subject you wish. Being poetic is the way to our hearts but simplicity is never overrated.

To My Future Wife:
. You’re the only woman I see.
. I can’t wait to have movie dates with you. And not just when we are first together. I’m talking like as 80 year olds going to see the new teen movie that’s just come out. Let’s sit in the back and make out the whole time!
. Let’s take road trips often. Just get in the car and drive somewhere new.
. I already live my life as if I’m committed to you. I’m faithful and simply waiting for the day you bless my life with your presence.
. You’ll know me when you see me.
. Let’s just lie in bed and listen to Mumford & Sons together.

To My Future Husband:

. Don’t mind me if I randomly roll over and kiss you at night. I’ll be doing that just to remind myself I’m NOT dreaming.
. I’ve decided not to go to prom this year because I don’t want to go with anyone but you. You can make it up to me one day. I’ll get a white dress and we can dance all night. P.S. One day you’ll be the most perfect date to the most perfect party. Sir, I cannot wait for that day!
. I promise you I will never ever own a housecoat.

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