Color-Shift Wedding Shoes

Anthropologie Sea Flower Heels

Striped cone heels and a row of creamy, coral-esque blooms make sea flower heels from Anthropologie perfect for a breezy Nelson lakeside affair. Available at, $168.
Mystique Pearl Cluster Sandals

For the beach bride, save your soles with Mystique’s white pearl cluster sandals. Available at, $150.
Lucchese Boots

You know that two steps are better than one, so pull on some luxe, handmade Lucchese cowboy boots and get scootin', Kootenay-style. Available at, $850.  Or opt for your own well-worn pair!

From J. Crew peep-toes to crystal-encrusted jelly ballet flats, Daily Candy has a creative shoe choices to inspire your walk down the aisle in just your style.  And of course color is always a fun and unexpected choice!
Color Changing Leather Shoes
Love classic white but can't commit?  These leather shoes, designed in Taiwan, color-shift when they come in contact with sunlight!

Initially the shoes are white, suitable for a formal ceremony, but then gradually change to pink, orange or purple – depending on the ingredient sprayed on the leather.

The effect lasts up to 60 hours. Super fun!


  1. Those hand-made Lucchese Boots looks so expensive. I could see Carrie Underwoods or Kelly Pickler rocking those shoes on the Grammy stage. I would love to own a pair of those boots.

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