Kootenay Wedding; Pinterest-ing

Addicted to Pinterest yet?  If not, may I lead you to the Kootenay Wedding board HERE where you can gather ideas [such as winter-inspired images] including this this and this.  Subscribe to our "pins" and share your ideas with us as well!
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Kootenay Wedding; View-Master, oh yeah!

Are you a kid-at-heart?  Or marrying one?
Check out the most original idea we've seen to date, View-Master wedding invitations.  Yes, View-Master, just like you had as a kid!  Image 3D, out of Oregon has resurrected and repurposed the beloved kids' toy into an event-worthy, conversation-starting, one-of-a-kind idea to win friends and influence people on your guest-list.
More Tempting than a four-foot chocolate fountain, their website boasts:

Hello people planning events and event planners alike. Now you too can amaze and delight your friends in three-dimensions with view-master style viewers and reels.
How? With our online Reel Builder, that’s how. Now it’s easy and fun to customize reels and add stand-out titles for our View-master style viewers. Remember, curiosity didn’t kill the cat. It made the event.
originally found HERE

Kootenay Wedding; Men, Score Bigtime!

Men, score major bonus points for hiring a photographer for when you pop the question!  Not only can you 1) memorialize the moment and 2) share with your friends and family, but you can 3) include in your wedding decor, 4) invites and 5) even your wedding album should you wish to tell a more comprehensive story.  
See a list of local photographers HERE!

kootenay wedding; let thy feathers fly!


There is some serious feather-love obsession out there lately.  We love that whether shabby chic or boho or thoroughly modern, the feather has a place in your wedding.  From colorful peacock to snow white, feathers can be incorporated in a variety of ways.  We've fallen for the feather hair adornments, the feather pom poms, the feather-skirted gown, the feather-meet-floral bouquets & table centers.   But we're especially smitten for the feather-love image above.
Pass out white feathers for your guests to throw at the first kiss.  And make sure to tell your photographer that this is a must-have photo for your album!


Kootenay Wedding; Red Mountain Resort

While Red Resort is a 4-season venue, it's new reception room is particularly appropriate for winter weddings including destination weddings.

Kootenay Wedding; Pumped up Kicks!

While we have seen the "I Do" gem-stickers adhered to soles, Deborah Thomson may have come up with one of the most original ideas Kootenay Wedding has ever seen.  Some seriously Pumped up Kicks! 
In the designer's own words:
I was sitting in Starbucks one random day in May, taking advantage of their fast internet over a Chai latte (keep that in mind, should any of you feel the need to bribe me with beverages in the future), when I got a phone call from Arica. Over the next few minutes, she would fill me in on a completely wild and incredibly FUN idea she had for her wedding… which was in two weeks!
She wanted custom hand-painted shoes to wear for her wedding featuring meaningful items and events from her and Josh’s relationship. The place they got engaged, a caricature of themselves and their dog, coffee cups, vintage cameras and motorcycles, etc.
Had I painted shoes before? Ever? No. But what a fun idea!
Now, before I go further, you have to realize how incredibly trusting and cool Arica is… I had never actually met her in person, though we were acquaintances on Facebook, due to mutual friends and our mutual love for photography. (... So to ME, this was practically a phone call from a local celebrity. And here she was entrusting this huge job to ME! (Having photographed many, many weddings myself, I KNOW how important those shoes can be!!)
Because of scheduling conflicts (I was super busy, she was super busy, I was never home, she was planning a wedding in another country, etc, etc), the shoes were dropped off at my house, and I never did meet her until I delivered the finished product to her the day before she left to get married in Tennessee! Talk about crazy. But the BEST kind of crazy!!
Arica, I can’t begin to thank you enough for starting me on this journey! I fell in love with painting shoes when I worked on yours, and am SO excited to see what other designs will emerge in the future! One of these days, I have to plan time to sit and paint my own! 
 - Deborah Thomson, shoe-artist
Find Figgie HERE!

To My Future Spouse; love letters

                                                              FRESH Photography             

To My Future Spouse is a site dedicated to the writing of poignant little love notes to our future better halves.
Each entry is anonymous and begins with "To My Future Wife:" or "To My Future Husband:" and can cover any subject you wish. Being poetic is the way to our hearts but simplicity is never overrated.
Send entries totomyfuturespouse@gmail.com.

Kootenay Wedding; beautifully different

Tim and Amy // A Wedding in Reverse from V E L A R E on Vimeo.

Beautifully different wedding cinematography.  
"Let us take a moment.  There has been a great deal of preparation for this.  And it will be over in a few minutes.  But your life together is just beginning."   - paraphrased, officiant
I think I would like to know these people.   Are you having a wedding cinematographer?                          

Kootenay Wedding; Buy Local

Kootenay Wedding's Top 10 Benefits of Buying Local:

Monies spent in community stay in community
Better variety, as good business entices new business
Convenience equals savings in transportation costs at both ends: production and delivery
Consistant with green, eco-friendly lifestyle and sustainable living
Encourage local flavor, build character of place
Networking with friends and potential friends
Community health and well-being

A few ways to shop local is to visit your summer Farmer's Markets, [We adore the idea of a Farmer's Market inspired Wedding] peruse Craigslist for your area, and via Etsy.  The online handmade collective, can be searched location-specific HERE.  And of course, continue to share and visit Kootenay Wedding online and on Facebook!

image FRESH Photography

Kootenay Wedding; Carmen West Creative

Carmen West Creative from Langley, BC brings you unique handmade jewelry and headbands made from new and vintage materials.  View her Etsy bridal line HERE and view the rest of her line to accessorize your lady friends! 
Doilie love lives on!

Kootenay Wedding; Little Borrowed Dress; Ingenius Plan to Appease

Little Borrowed Dress; The Story of One Ingenius Plan to Appease Pocketbooks, Style-Mavens, and Coveted Closet Space.  From little miss LBD herself:
Rather than deciding what to wear, I had the less glamorous task of choosing what not to wear—specifically what to toss, and the four main offenders were bridesmaid dresses. I'm lucky to have stylish friends who selected dresses with the bridal party in mind, yet the dresses hadn't seen the light of day since each wedding.
I found myself asking: what do I do with dresses that cost a pretty penny and now take up valuable closet space?
That's when it hit me like a bolt of silk organza! Groomsmen rent their wedding day attire—why don't bridesmaids have the same option?
I decided to focus my attention on the wedding industry with the aim of making it easier and more fun for brides to plan a stylish yet sensible wedding. Armed with years of experience as a management consultant (specifically advising businesses on how to launch new products or enter new markets) and a recently obtained MBA from London Business School, I was confident I had the tools to turn this idea into a reality.
And that was the beginning of Little Borrowed Dress.

Kootenay Wedding; Awesome Proposal

Making the movies jealous with this one!  Here is a proposal done right.

Kootenay Wedding Real Wedding; Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert

I'm not particularly a country fan, but Blake Shelton's appearance as mentor on The Voice may just win me over. I love how he has fathered - my favorite - Xenia along, guiding, protecting and building her up. What a gentle giant!
Enjoy the video of he and Miranda Lambert's country wedding. It may inspire; I love the vintage brooch bouquet and first kiss as husband and wife. And it might just make you a fan.
The bouquet-artist is The Ritzy Rose out of  Columbus, Ohio.  A "husband and wife team of entrepreneur and designer who are always searching for unique items and creating original pieces for our clients."  You can find them here:
Twitter @TheRitzyRose.
And the details of Miranda's wedding bouquet, plus spec's for your own, should you have $575.00 US to spend HERE

photos of US magazine, from The Ritzy Rose

Kootenay Wedding; Bout's for the Boys

Indulge the little boy within with a Super-Heroes Boutonnier. 
If you had something more natural in mind,  'like' Kootenay Weddding on Facebook here and view links to DIY ideas on earthy burlap and fabric boutonniere's.

Kootenay Wedding; Florist Thanks You

Please see the following message and request from Nelson-ite Nadine who is interested in hearing from you.  If you are not in the market, I invite you to  participate based on past experience as I did.  Thanks again wedding community!

Hello to all involved with the Kootenay Wedding industry.  My name is Nadine Honsinger and I am currently setting up a business, The Green Poppy, a sustainable floral design business located in Nelson, BC.

The Green Poppy is focused on Green Weddings and Events, using local/organic/wild crafted/fair trade import flowers. My target market is bride's or bride's to be. I am currently enrolled with the Community Futures program, performing market research. As brides generally seek us out in the industry I am finding the best way for me to get in touch with them is through you.

I am wondering if it is possible for you to forward this link. It is a brief survey, it will only take a minute to fill out. I thank you for passing this on, if & when possible and I look forward to working with you in the sustainable future.

Yours Naturally,
Nadine Honsinger, The Green Poppy, Nelson,BC

stock bouquet image FRESH Photography

Kootenay Wedding; Help a Bride Out?

Please see the following message from August 2012 bride Ms. M and message Kootenay Wedding if you have any leads apart from what is listed on the site for event planning.  Thanks lovelies!

"I'm mainly looking for someone to help with the decorating-- I mostly have an idea what we're hoping for and would be able to likely find all the elements by word of mouth/do it yourself style unless we find someone who might have some items to rent out as part of their services.... If you hear of anyone that comes on the scene in the next while, please let me know :) Thanks sooo much again for your message back! Your website is an awesome resource!!! I'm from Nelson originally but there has been so many new people, vendors and ideas you are presenting that I wouldn't have thought would be available there, its been so nice to be able to check it out periodically! Thank you for that!"

You're so very welcome Ms. M.  All the very best with your search and knot-tying!  Happy to help,
Kootenay Wedding

Kootenay Wedding; Vibrant Vintage Wedding - A Beautiful Mess

Do you like color? and vintage? and color? and DIY? and color?   Then Elsie & Jeremy's wedding movie is for you.  I was drawn to Elsie's blog, A Beautiful Mess, by it's lovely banner image.  From which I discovered her delicious wedding blog, Le Wedding Party.
Elsie & Jeremy from Goodwin Films on Vimeo.

The rest, as they say, is her-story. 
But her wedding venue is the real deal.  I wish I were as brave and self-assured as Elsie when it came time to planning my wedding!  How about you?  Are you going all out for yours?

Kootenay Wedding; Rustic Birch Vase

SET of 6 Personalized Tall Birch Wood Vases For Your Bridal Table | Bridal Party Gifts | Favors | Floral Arrangements

Etsy seller Braggingbags has a perfect addition for your rustic Kootenay wedding.  She is offering a set of 6 birch bark wood vases that measure 9" tall.   They are perfect to hold bouquets and floral arrangements and fit into natural, rustic, woodland, vintage, shabby chic, antique Spring or Summer weddings.
Approximately $114.21 CAD

Kootenay Wedding; Royalty - pftt - of course

In the spirit of Wills & Kate, Posh & Becks, and cute Union Jack t-shirts:
Turn your name into a Royal Wedding guest name!

Start with either a Lord or Lady, then your first name is one of your grandparents names. Your surname is the name of your first pet, double-barreled with the name of the street on which you grew up.

Please sign our guestbook AKA 'Comments' below.
Respectfully Yours,
Lady Agnes Spencer - Hurst

 PS My friend, Mary Katherine Stewart's mother Beverley is probably living for this very moment!

Kootenay Wedding; Vallican Whole - Venue

This little hideaway in the Slocan Valley looks like such a gem!   Natural, beautiful and able to accomodate your decor.

Kootenay Wedding; Boy Fancies

Urban Sunday Bow Ties and Neckties
Kootenay Wedding was inspired by the following Daily Candy inspiration for boys' neckware.  Co-ordinate your ringbearer with your wedding in a fun pattern.   Shop online, visit it's Calgary retailer or see below for it's Etsy counterpart from Alberta.
Your Little Boy Blue Jeans holds meetings on the monkey bars and networks in the sandbox. Needless to say, every day is casual Friday.
Except when the occasion calls for Urban Sunday neck wear. The cotton accessories for boys aged newborn to 12 make dapper dressing a snap, thanks to soft neck straps that Velcro together.
Nearly 24 styles have just about every persona covered, from hip professor (gingham bow tie) to rebel (skull-and-crossbones necktie). Though you might be tempted to reserve his new look for the upcoming holidays, the ties look entirely charming paired with everyday denim.
Knots are pre-tied and stitched in place, so kidlet can postpone Dad’s inevitable how-to-tie-a-Windsor-knot lesson — while still showing the world he means business.  Available online at urbansunday.com, $23-$25 US or Child at Heart Children's Store

822 49th Ave. SW
Calgary, Alberta T2S 1G9
(403) 243-3070
Chickadee Swing is an Etsy seller from Alberta.  She boasts of being a happy wife and mama whose two beautiful little girls inspire her handcrafted children's clothing and accessories.  The above creation [just a sample of her offerings] is pre-tied and has a comfortable elastic back to slip over head easily. It is a great addition to any little boy's wardrobe and sells for merely $10 CAD. 
Please visit her and tell her neighbor Kootenay Wedding sent you!

Costco goes Bridal

Costco is a good place to go when you need a lawnmower or a gallon-size jar of pickles, but a wedding dress? For the last few weeks across California, shoppers have been stepping into local Costco stores to attend trunk shows and fittings in pop-up bridal boutiques. The dresses are designed by Kirstie Kelly (previously known for her work with Disney Bridal) and cost between $650 and $1,400 (U.S.). Costcouture, as the collection is called, is among a growing number of mass-market bridal lines. Forever 21, the fast-fashion emporium, just announced a new line of wedding accessories, while Anthropologie is putting out a bridal collection as well. J. Crew, the American prep purveyor, has been successfully growing its wedding line since launching it in 2004.
- The Globe and Mail Saturday, Mar.19, 2011.  Read the rest of the article here.
See Costco's wedding page here.  US only - for now- but what do you think? Would you utilize Costco for the whole - or part - of your wedding planning?  Do you think this adds to - or opposes - the current DIY and custom trends in wedding planning?

Anna Clark Studio; Rossland

Anna Clark Studio; fine handmade jewellery, is a local design studio in Rossland.   Clark's jewellery seems Kootenay-nature and earthen elements-inspired, with the use of silver and fired with transparent enamels.  "Designing and making handmade jewellery for individual customers is what I do." 

Meet the artist: BIO
In 1999 after completing jewellery design/making at Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson, I set up my own studio in Rossland, British Columbia. I have since become involved in many aspects of the artist's life - craft and trade shows, exhibitions, custom work and consignment sales, open studios, teaching and demonstrating. Currently I work full-time at designing and making jewellery in my studio, I have several production lines that I sell in galleries and online. I also do custom work such as wedding bands and I like to enter my work in exhibitions and make pieces especially for juried shows.

Plant forms have been my inspiration since I started making jewellery and the well hasn't run dry yet. Other things that inspire me are: rock forms, running water, natural and man-made textures, textiles, stylised nature, architectural details.

What is my style? A clean and simple shape or form, rounded edges and curved lines. Texture and colour are important but there's no getting away from it, I like to be in control of my work not the other way around.

Every piece is made in my studio. Before I start work in the metal I open my sketch book and draw and design and doodle and plan, only then do I go to the work bench. The techniques I use are many and varied but include die forming, mill rolling, soldering, kiln firing, stone setting and often a good whack with a hammer.

I have won several awards for my work, including from the Craft Council of British Columbia, the Metal Arts Guild of Canada and the Canada Council for the Arts.

I enter as many group exhibitions as I can. Sometimes I am invited to exhibit, other times it is a juried entry. In 2005 I mounted my own solo show 'Primal Instinct' and I am (very) slowly gathering ideas for my next one. Besides exhibiting across Canada I have shown in the USA and in Japan.

Kootenay Wedding thought it would be amazing to have a local designer customize your engagement and wedding rings and/or bridal party gifts.  Her lovely wares may be found on her Etsy shop here and more information can be found at http://www.annaclarkstudio.com/