Wedding Coffe Bar; Tis The Season!

A great new cool-weather trend for the caffeinated couple -and one that I'm dying to attend - is a reception coffee bar! The idea can be easily adjusted to couples' budgets.  Lower budgets may serve a local roast and utilize the company's packaging customized by couples' monogram sticker. And boutique weddings may choose to work in conjunction with a local roaster to customize their blend [think season specific like Starbucks' spicy Winter blend] and create personalized packing for wedding favors. 
Think of your guests standing around the guest registry, sipping their Eggnog Chai Latte.  Me thinks guests' comments might just be more sentimental and their hearts more generous when it comes to that Honeymoon Fund jar at the bar!
There are other alternatives to coincide with your wedding theme such as eco-friendly or charity-minded roasts, while feeding our Northwest ethical addiction, we maintain.
While the guys' from Annabelle's [below] aren't local, they do travel.  Otherwise, couple's may choose to inquire at their favorite local coffee shop and/or rent commercial grade equipment and employ their barista friends.   Happy java dreaming!

Annabelle's Coffee from Crafthouse Productions on Vimeo.

Black Friday Goes White; Wedding Chicks 50% Off

Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale at The Wedding Chicks. This is their biggest sale of the year, 50% off ANYTHING and EVERYTHING your little heart desires. Simply type in bigsale and checkout. Click here to shop!

Black Friday Goes White; Twigs n Honey

Let's make turn this Black Friday thing into all things wedding white, shall we? Enter blackfriday at the Twigs n Honey checkout for 25% off here.

Kootenay Wedding; Urban Wedding Art

Have you been to Wedzu yet? 
This is another little treasure we found there, from BC born Signs of Vintage, with locations {besides online} in Kelowna and Vancouver.  How much do you love this stylish piece of wedding art?   What a great gift to couple or grooms gift from bride.  It could even be used as decor for the most urban of weddings.  Think warehouse location, brick walls, twinkle lights and this hanging above the guest table.
Design your very own memory sign with dates, places or anything else that is special to you.

Display at your reception (a great conversation starter) and then after your grand event (because it will be grand, won’t it?) hang it in your home as a loving reminder of how it all began.
I lay out the design first and email you an image to approve (or tweak). I don’t start work on the actual sign until I’ve got it just the way you would like.
Each sign is distressed to create a vintage look and sealed with a matte sealant to give it a beautiful and long-lasting finish.
This is a large wood sign and measures approximately 12 by 24 inches, and comes ready to hang.

Kootenay Wedding; Custom Fortune Cookies

What is more fun than ripping into a fortune cookie and laughing with your friends over your respective fortunes?
Kind Over Matter recently posted an adorable idea for custom fortune cookies that I thought you might like.  Theirs was an American Thanksgiving theme, which we're over by now here in Canada, but the fun and interactive concept is so great for a personable Kootenay wedding.  They can also also be upgraded using fabric "cookies" and embossed ribbon fortunes {as seen below}.
While you'll have to research the fabric variety, KOM has provided What You Need for the paper option:

. 3-4" diameter circle to trace and custom fortunes - or - PDF file from link
. Color printer
. Cardstock
. Scissors
. GLUE DOTS, a glue stick or strong double-sided tape
. Paperclips or mini-clothespins if you are using a glue stick
1. Find a 3-4 inch diameter circle to trace onto patterened paper. {It's fun to coordinate the papers with small/large-scale prints.} Cut out your fortune cookie paper. Create your own fun fortunes centering around the bridal couple ie: "You will play a significant role in the lives of Matt & Anna's 7 children."or use the ones via the link provided.
2. Fold your cookie in half, but do not make a crease
3. Begin folding like so
4. Finish folding
5. Apply Glue Dot or if you are using a glue stick apply liberally or you can use a strong double-sided tape. If you use a glue stick make sure you leave a few hours for the cookies to dry. They will have to be held together by mini-clothespins, or a paperclip would work just as well

Just slip your fortunes inside them and voila!

Kootenay Wedding; favors he'll appreciate

Many times, wedding favors reflect more of the feminine.  Pretty colors, girly smells, and feminine aesthetic.  And then we wonder why our guy doesn't  pay much attention to this tradition, either on the giving or receiving end. 
With the advent of the personalized wedding, however, comes an opportunity to appeal to the guys on the guestlist. 
Playing cards, personalized with a capture of the couple, are perfect for a game of cards [poker for adult table, go fish for kids].  They can serve as both wedding favors and entertainment and can help your varied guest-list interact.
The image above was captured at a recent FRESH Photography wedding reception when an impromptu, multi-generation game of crib broke out.   How much more fun - than even the logos shown below - to offer playing cards, personalized with professional engagement portraits on the back?
Here are some links and other chain-store names to research your personalized playing cards:
WalMart, Black's and many other large photo-labs.

Another guy-friendly favor - and perfect for your naturally beautiful Kootenay reception - are tree favors.  Ready-to-plant seedlings can be built into the wedding decor as table-centers for an eco-chic wedding and then offered as take-aways.  They can be dressed up in clay pots or burlap and a coordinating ribbon with directions for planting.  Trees offer a no-waste, eco-friendly, dual purpose solution for the green-minded.  And you're sure to leave a lasting impression!
See Evergreen Memories and other tree-sources for more information.
See anything you like?