Posters have come a long ways from the meer hole-covering purpose in your brother's bedroom.  They are a whole lot more stylish than the boy-band in your locker and remain accessable for all.  Whether saving up for - or suffering the after-effects of - the big day, posters are a great design option.  OR - who could forget a wedding poster-invite?  You can source graphic urban or rural-inspired images, quotes, and various objects of desire.  The Poster List is a great resource for design-savvy couples on a budget.  Starting at $10.99 for the print [very post-friendly] and &19.99 for framing.  OR - contact your local photographer and graphic artist to combine their mad-skills and personalize your wedding poster for an alternative invitation.
We at Kootenay Wedding look forward to creating a photo/poster/fabric wall of inspiration.  You can pull colors from other rooms, your favorite swatches or go for an eclectic look.  Be mindful the frames are in one consistant color to unify your look.

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