Love Notes

Love notes just got a little more pri-tty thanks to the Cartolina Cards App.  Better yet, Cartolina Cards have a Kootenay connection.  They are designed and produced in Nelson by graphic designer Fiona Richards. 

about Fiona:
"My designs are influenced by the exotic curiosities that surrounded me growing up in Scotland with my grandparents in their 300 year old stone house filled to the brim with strange and curious momentos from their lives as textile dealers in old world India.

My grandfather collected artifacts from his travels and brought them all home to display around the house...paintings, books, rugs, silver and silk. Teak trunks held glorious silk gowns and jewelry that my grandma wore on the long ocean trip to Calcutta. My grandfather was an avid photographer and our family photographs were a strange collection of elephant riding scenes and pith helmet-wearing portraits in palm treed bungalow courtyards. As children I think we presumed that everyone hung tiger-hunting photographs on their walls.

Before I was old enough to go to school I spent mornings at my uncle's house. He was an illustrator who had worked and travelled around the world. I spent hours watching him work in his studio surrounded by art, artifacts and the smell of oil paint. I was hooked! Art became a way of life for me after school - and so did collecting - gathering paper, ephemera and fabric relics from from street markets and dealers around the world from London to Istanbul to Rio."

"I have a need to actively interact with vintage design - not just collect it and display it - it's a way for me to play with it and share it with others. Combining my own collections with the exotic curiosities collected by my family years ago has become the root of my designs - ancient patterns, colours, block prints, images and textures combined with contemporary colours and type - this is Cartolina!"

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