Love Notes

Love notes just got a little more pri-tty thanks to the Cartolina Cards App.  Better yet, Cartolina Cards have a Kootenay connection.  They are designed and produced in Nelson by graphic designer Fiona Richards. 

about Fiona:
"My designs are influenced by the exotic curiosities that surrounded me growing up in Scotland with my grandparents in their 300 year old stone house filled to the brim with strange and curious momentos from their lives as textile dealers in old world India.

My grandfather collected artifacts from his travels and brought them all home to display around the house...paintings, books, rugs, silver and silk. Teak trunks held glorious silk gowns and jewelry that my grandma wore on the long ocean trip to Calcutta. My grandfather was an avid photographer and our family photographs were a strange collection of elephant riding scenes and pith helmet-wearing portraits in palm treed bungalow courtyards. As children I think we presumed that everyone hung tiger-hunting photographs on their walls.

Before I was old enough to go to school I spent mornings at my uncle's house. He was an illustrator who had worked and travelled around the world. I spent hours watching him work in his studio surrounded by art, artifacts and the smell of oil paint. I was hooked! Art became a way of life for me after school - and so did collecting - gathering paper, ephemera and fabric relics from from street markets and dealers around the world from London to Istanbul to Rio."

"I have a need to actively interact with vintage design - not just collect it and display it - it's a way for me to play with it and share it with others. Combining my own collections with the exotic curiosities collected by my family years ago has become the root of my designs - ancient patterns, colours, block prints, images and textures combined with contemporary colours and type - this is Cartolina!"


The Wedding Chicks do custom wedding gear!  Order your adorable party gifts, personal wedding signage [ie: ceremony/reception markers] and get free templates with your custom colors in their boutique. 

Indie Dance Mix

Make it more of a custom celebration with inspiration from Daily Candy's favorite Indie picks.  Because the Kootenays are all about being independant!  And as for the dancing - well, that one's up to you!

First Dance First
“Home,” Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros (Feel free to play this multiple times.)
“Can You Tell,” Ra Ra Riot (He’s still got butterflies.)
“No One’s Gonna Love You,” Band of Horses (Classic. To the point.)
“Love and Some Verses,” Iron & Wine (In it for the long haul.)
“You’ve Got the Love,” Florence + the Machine (Well, if you didn’t we’d be worried.)

Daddy’s Little Dancer
“Hello Halo,” Blair (Once a kid, always a kid.)
“On My Way Back Home,” Band of Horses (But only for this song.)

Get Everyone on the Dance Floor
“Ready to Start,” Arcade Fire (That’s “Ready to Start the Party” to you.)
“I Feel It All,” Feist (Feeling mighty fine.)
“A-Punk,” Vampire Weekend (Aren’t they all?)
“Tighten Up,” The Black Keys (And get down.)
“Say Aha,” Santigold (Less talk, more dance.)
“Je Veux Te Voir,” Yelle (It’s French for “good music.”)
“Deadbeat Summer,” Neon Indian (Children of the ’80s gotta love synth pop.)
“Whirring,” The Joy Formidable (It’s going by so fast; take a second to dance.)
“Drunk Girls,” LCD Soundsystem (Never tardy to the party.)
“Electric Feel,” Mgmt (Better than the electric slide.)
“Creator,” Santigold (No, that’s not M.I.A.)

Wrap It Up
“Boyfriend,” Best Coast (For the single gals, perhaps during the bouquet toss.)
“Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever),” Muse (Please don’t judge us for the source.)
“Cameras,” Matt & Kim (The photographer’s got you covered.)
“Sleepyhead,” Passion Pit (You can sleep in the morning.)


Posters have come a long ways from the meer hole-covering purpose in your brother's bedroom.  They are a whole lot more stylish than the boy-band in your locker and remain accessable for all.  Whether saving up for - or suffering the after-effects of - the big day, posters are a great design option.  OR - who could forget a wedding poster-invite?  You can source graphic urban or rural-inspired images, quotes, and various objects of desire.  The Poster List is a great resource for design-savvy couples on a budget.  Starting at $10.99 for the print [very post-friendly] and &19.99 for framing.  OR - contact your local photographer and graphic artist to combine their mad-skills and personalize your wedding poster for an alternative invitation.
We at Kootenay Wedding look forward to creating a photo/poster/fabric wall of inspiration.  You can pull colors from other rooms, your favorite swatches or go for an eclectic look.  Be mindful the frames are in one consistant color to unify your look.

To My Future Spouse

Here are some memorables posted on To My Future Spouse:

To My Future Wife:
. You’re the woman of my dreams. Apparently, that’s the only place you DO exist.
. You give me a reason to walk through fire.
. Woman have told me they’re absolutely positive I’m supposed to be with them. But I disagree. Why? Because they aren’t you…not even close.
. You’re too good for me. Please never realize it.
. Every night, I have to play music so I can fall asleep. I’m ready for that music to be the lovely breath you breathe and the steady rhythm of your heart beating with love for me.
. Here’s to hoping your love for me is unconditional because Lord knows I’ll push it to its limits.
. I’ve been told that I have great hair; please, marry me before I lose it.
. Me Tarzan. You Jane?
To My Future Husband:

. Autumn makes me want to fall in love.
. Dental hygiene is very important to me. Now smile so I can see what I’m dealing with.
. I didn’t get back with my crappy ex because I want to be with you instead.
. I would like a hand to hold and lips to kiss.
. I know that you’re going to have to learn to love some of my “quirks.” I’m just going to go ahead and warn you that an enormous smile, loud laugh, jealousy about the way other girls look at you, and poking are all included.

PS. I lose everything. I’m sorry in advance.
. I wish we could take a walk around my favorite places while holding hands and taking pictures.
. The kitchen counter won’t be used for just cooking…

Wedding Accessories; Stella & Dot to the rescue!

Stella & Dot, a little online retail therapy to commiserate the departure of our one West Kootenay bridal boutique.  [Catch Kiss the Bride's last day tomorrow, Sat Sept 11th for wedding gowns, grad, MOBride, just because-dresses & jewellery. ] 
But if you don't make the sale, check out Stella & Dot's selection of bold bridal necklaces, funky rings, vintage-inspired brooches, even something for your flower girls!  While you're there, read their story or, if you love it like so many do, sign up for a stylists' position.

Kiss The Bride Departure & Sale

With regret, I attach the following letter,  sent by friend Andrea of Kiss The Bride Bridal Boutique in Castlegar to the local wedding vendors.  She and I arrived to the area, with big dreams and green businesses fresh from Vancouver, nearly four years ago.  I hold a special place in my heart for her. 
Anyways, I thought you should all get the opportunity to thank Andrea and benefit from the great sale she's having.  If you've had any dealings with her, you can attest that she is skilled at what she does, has a high-wattage smile, and you'll join in KW in wishing her the utmost success back in Vancouver.  Please send her some love and let her know the Kootenays appreciate her!
Kiss The Bride is sad to announce that we will be closing our doors on Saturday September 11, 2010. We unfortunately are re-locating back to Vancouver BC.
Currently everything in the store is marked down to unbelievably low prices! Selected wedding dresses as low as $150! Bridesmaids dresses are down to $75, Cocktail dresses $50 - $75! And all Prom dresses have been marked down to $100!
Shoes are 60% off and all other accessories are 50% off!
Thank you to everyone who made the last year and a half very special to me and thank you for shopping at Kiss The Bride!
Andrea Hughes

All the very best back in the big city girl!