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About MyJones

Jones Soda is a brand built by its consumers. Since its inception the label photographs, under the cap quotes, and flavors have been directed by the very people who drink our many beverages. Taking the interactivity of Jones Soda one step further, myJones, the opportunity for consumers to create their own, personalized and exclusive soda with flavor, photo, and message, was developed and made available to consumers in 2002.
myJones is like nothing else on the market, and because each myJones order is unique and different from the next, the process to create these specialty sodas takes time.
Here is a brief look at the steps that will result in your very own personalized Jones Soda.
•An order is placed online at You pick the flavor, image, and text to appear on your myJones bottles.
•The order is reviewed. At Jones headquarters, we review your order to check for errors and ensure the content falls within brand guidelines.
•The order is acknowledged. Once your order has been acknowledge for processing, it is sent to our fulfillment house for printing.
•The labels are printed. Your personalized soda labels are processed on quality material, using state of the art full color spectrum printers.
•The labels are UV coated. UV coating gives your myJones labels a durable and high gloss finish that compliments our premium product and greatly enhances image colors.
•The bottles are hand wrapped. After the labels have been separated using a precision cutter, they are then hand wrapped on the Jones Soda flavor of your choice.
•The order is complete. The finished bottles are packaged and shipped out of our fulfillment house. You receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped.

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