Face behind Sweet Dreams Inn & Cakery

Meet the fresh face [color, flavor, texure, pattern] behind Sweet Dreams Heritage Inn and Cakery, Rebecca Gilhula.  Becky invited me into her historic B&B built in 1896 for the Rossland Bank of Montreal managers.  Many of the original light fixtures, woodwork, furnishings and wallcoverings still grace the interior, while Becky's fresh addition of the Cakery puts a new spin on an old space.  While the original pantry alludes to flavors of the past the new function of the space serves its' owner / pastry chef perfectly.  She can simultaneously host B&B guests and bake [for them and for her Cakery] from her commercial kitchen.
I asked Becky a few questions to get to know her better:
What inspired you to open SDHInn & Cakery?
I have always loved old homes and was in love with this one a long time before we ever thought we would buy it. I also had been baking for a number of years and had finished my schooling, had worked a lot of different places and gained a lot of different experiences and I knew that I really wanted to focus on cakes. That was what I enjoyed most. I always thought it would be great to have my own business but knew that I wasn't interested in having a bakery. Everything worked out so well with being able to use my kitchen as a commercial space. It was meant to be!
What inspires you?I find inspiration for cakes and ideas from lots of different things. I love looking through magazines. Patterns on dresses or wall paper can give some great ideas. I watch cake shows and look at what other bakers are doing.
Do your B&B guests sample your cakery product?
I have had some B&B guests order cakes for special occasions they were celebrating while they were staying but for the most part they don't really get to try too many cakery products. I make fresh pastries (croissants, turnover, danish, etc) and fresh bread every morning. It is fun because I can make whatever I feel like making and try new things to keep it interesting.

How do you fit into your jeans with all of your sweet creations around?
I don't have a big sweet tooth. I have a salt tooth. If I worked in a cheese shop I would be in BIG trouble!
If you were a flavor of your own cupcake creations, what would it be?
My new cupcake is the margarita. It is lime cake with lime curd, triple sec and tequila icing with a sprinkle of salt. I think that is my favorite.
What was your favorite "find" in the Inn that you only discovered after you moved in?
There were lots of things we discovered after we moved in. But I think my favorite is the lamp that was downstairs in the basement. It has a beautiful shade. I just need to save up to get it rewired and cleaned up.
And finally, Cruiser bike or Mountain bike?
I am torn between cruiser and mountain bike. I have a fantastic pink cruiser which is hard to ride in this town with all the steep hills. This town is definitely more mountain bike friendly. I just need to get out on it more!

Thank you Becky!  We think Sweet Dreams would provide an amazing backdrop for an intimate wedding, a great bridal suite and/or your guests' accomodations for a Rossland wedding.
Rebecca Gilhula

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